Fast Company’s 2022 World-Changing Ideas Awards Honors Bospar

SAN FRANCISCO —May 10, 2022 — Bospar, the “Politely Pushy®” PR firm that puts tech companies on the map, today announced it has received multiple Fast Company 2022 World-Changing Ideas Awards. According to Fast Company, the ideas editors and reporters selected this year are more than just distinct and random glimmers of hope: They illuminate a path to a better future. 

Bospar Messes with Texas,” the company’s pro-choice employee relocation from Texas initiative, received honorable mentions in the following categories: Social Justice, Corporate Social Responsibility, Workplace, and North America. When Bospar led the nation back in 2021 and announced its efforts to relocate staff following the Texas abortion ban, Salesforce followed with a similar announcement the next day. Subsequently, Citi, Yelp, Uber, and several other corporations stood  up for their employees by launching their own initiatives.

Under the umbrella of its “Bospar Stands Up” initiatives, Bospar continues to react quickly to protect a woman’s right to choose, both on behalf of its employees and all Americans. Immediately following the May 2 leaked  U.S. Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade draft opinion, written by Justice Samuel A. Alito, Bospar announced it would enhance its original initiative and  pay for travel and other expenditures should a staff member in need of reproductive healthcare be unable to get it in their state. In addition, the company continues to be highly vocal on this matter across media and social media channels.

“In light of last week’s shocking and horrifying news, receiving this award is even more emotional and timely than ever before,”  said Chris Boehlke, a principal and co-founder of Bospar. “We will continue to align with all of the brave and outspoken businesses and human rights, social justice and religious organizations dedicated to publicly fighting  for the rights of every family when it comes to making reproductive decisions.”

These awards honored large corporations and boutique firms, including Bospar and Ford, Johnson & Johnson and Miyoko’s Creamery.   

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About Bospar

Bospar is the award-winning “politely pushy” tech and health public relations and marketing agency. The firm, which launched in 2015, provides clients with national support thanks to its distributed agency model. Bospar’s staff includes marketing and PR experts and veteran journalists from top-tier tech and business media. The agency’s strategic and creative thinkers excel in earned and social media, analyst and investor relations, content creation and placement, and public affairs. Leaders from brands – including Alkermes, Standigm, Marqeta, Snowflake and Unisys – trust Bospar to drive category leadership for disruptive technologies and solutions.

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