Information Technology

Advances in information technology (IT) are driving aggressive growth in the tech sector.  Across nearly every industry, digital transformation continues, with an emphasis on data and analytics capabilities, cloud, infrastructure, and all types of security, particularly cybersecurity. Thanks to advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and optimized app and web performance, IT and software development are transforming businesses to be more transparent, flexible and resilient – as well as providing anywhere access to the modern tools that make our lives easier and more efficient.

At Bospar, we have technology for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Complete immersion lets us stay up to date on industry and media trends so that we can formulate award-winning strategies.

IT leaders such as UnisysYellowbrickMendix, and Snowflake, as well as start-ups like 1010 Data (round A to $500M) and SOASTA (round B to Akamai acquisition) have counted on Bospar to drive their messages home so they stand out.

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