From the onset of the pandemic, one trend has become all the more important — customer experience (CX). Consumers have a new threshold of expectations for retailers to achieve and new consumer behaviors to understand. In the world of retailtech, it’s about retailers staying connected with customers and offering a. seamless experience at every touchpoint. The pandemic has dramatically accelerated the digitalization of customer and supply chain interactions – and that’s a good thing, as supply chain operations need efficiencies to overcome post-COVID shortages. Centering retailtech on adoption of digital-first customer interactions is key.

Bospar is watching trends that will reshape the retail industry. We see virtual shopping taking an even stronger hold thanks to conversational AI – the virtual assistant. It’s at work to help boost brands’ CX and sales – in addition to taking the traditional retail experience to the next level. From data privacy to modernized checkout and centralized inventory management to advances in automation and pricing optimization, Bospar is there to help clients get noticed. Ebates, PayPal, GetUpside, Riskified, SOASTA, and Conversica can validate that.

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