How We Work

Strategy savvy and led by impact

At Bospar we invent new and imaginative ways to win top-tier media coverage and increase your brand visibility.

From the start, we right-size each team, selecting specific Bospartans to fill essential roles based on their skill set and client background. Every client team is led by at least one senior-level advisor to ensure high-quality, strategic counsel. Whether it’s a launch, IPO or crisis communications, our team stands ready for on-target, off-the-charts results. It’s the difference between box-checking and excellence.

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Break through to your customers today

Each client relationship begins with planning to understand goals, key initiatives, cadence of news, and how we will out-perform your expectations. We ensure alignment and collaborate weekly, report progress against deliverables and update our plans quarterly. Measuring the impact against goals confirms that our PR strategy is on track. We use the industry’s most sophisticated tools for measuring results. On a monthly and/or quarterly basis we can provide a tracking report that showcases earned media placements and social media mentions stacked up against competitors.

Media coverage on steroids

Nothing drives your buzz like coverage. We take your story to the media, many of whom we call friends, with fine-tuning to resonate with each reporter’s beat. From top-tier, trade and local to print and online and broadcast and social, we cover all bases. Before any media opportunity, you’re prepared with briefing documents and media training, if needed. We’re with you each step of the way and, of course, report earned media placements the moment they arrive. Our sweet spot is securing coverage among top media like ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, CNET, CNN, Dow Jones, Fox Business News, MSNBC, NBC, The New York Times, TechCrunch, USA Today, VentureBeat, The Wall Street Journal, and Wired. As a top tech PR agency, we naturally have long-standing relationships with technology trades because we “get” deep tech – and media knows it. When it comes to companies with complicated AI, cloud, IoT, security, data storage, and other IT services, we turn deep tech into technology PR and coverage in tech media. In fact, trade media is often where we start securing coverage, as it alerts top-tier media, who look to the trades for story ideas.

A family of colleagues and clients

We exist to put our clients on the map, and everything we do is client-centric. Whether it’s communication by text while you’re on the road or if you can’t talk until Saturday, we’re available. We also think of our clients as family, an extension of our team and vice versa. Every team member has a role to play to guarantee client satisfaction. The good news, it works. Many clients have hired us more than twice – some as many as six times. All are happy to serve as our references.

Spotlight executives

We aim to get your top brass more visible and positioned as “go-to” sources for expert commentary in your industry. A contributed content byline program helps CEO and other C-level executives transform their perspective into valuable articles, in their voice. Creating insightful commentary to pitch alongside “news of the day” pitches is also key to shine the light on your executives.

Data-centric insights

We work as you do – engaged in data and driven by insights. That’s because reporters are looking for fresh, unpublished data to validate their stories and make them more compelling to their audience. We bring it, together with little-known facts that make media take notice. Our secret sauce.

Politely Pushy®

We move quickly and are assertive with media. That means we don’t mind inventing a new reason to pitch your story, jumping into breaking news with your relevant message, or asking for an exclusive. Respectful at our core, it’s how we nurture our relationships and build your business – and how we exceed all expectations.

Digital PR

We take a holistic view of media and work to get your name in every channel available. Social media platforms, blogs, influencer campaigns, online news, and video portals – they’re all baked into what we do. We amplify your message and build links directly to extend your reach with key audiences, from customers and prospects to influencers and journalists