Three PR Lessons I Have Learned From Celebrities

Celebrities at Bospar
March 20, 2019
Celebrities at Bospar

Sometimes it feels like we know more about celebrities than we do about our own families.

Whether it’s the political statements of athletes or the latest drama from the Kardashians, we are all paying attention. If I am going to idolize Stephen Curry or tune into the “boob tube” every Monday night to watch 25 women fall in love with The Bachelor, then I should probably learn something along the way, right?

Taking a look through my PR lens, here’s what I’ve got so far.

Know Your Brand

Celebrities are successful, in large measure, because they have a specific brand and have found a niche to fit in.

Take, for example, Lady Gaga and her infamous dresses; the article linked here had to “narrow” the list down to 120. Call her crazy, but Lady Gaga found a way to stand out. And the media loves it.

A PR person needs to know exactly what makes their client unique and how to sell that to the media. Nothing will make a reporter move on faster than PR people who can’t even tell them what their client does or why their client is unique.

Prep Before Speaking

Celebrities are notorious for speaking without a filter. Here are a few choice examples. Just imagine TMZ’s lack of juicy content if celebrities had filters.

A good PR person should act as the filter for their client. It may be entertaining when a celebrity slips up, but it’s not funny when it happens to your client during a media interview.

Always prep the client before an interview with a briefing document and relevant talking points.

Don’t Forget the Customer

Celebrities have to interact with their customers — their fans — in order to progress in their careers. Part of the draw of idolizing celebrities is the tiny sliver of hope we all have that one day we may actually meet them.

When it comes to PR, it’s important to remember and utilize your client’s customers. A customer who is willing to share their input on why they chose your client can be the perfect example to show the media why they should choose your client, too.

In Closing

“Celebrities are just a smorgasbord of teachable moments,” said Bospar principal Curtis Sparrer. “I often return to the time Britney [Spears] shaved her head. The lesson there is that sometimes your client will make crazy decisions. It’s your job to ride the wave and try to turn the ship around.”

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