RSA reveals why security experts must work together to navigate complex threat landscape

May 3, 2023

You don’t need to be a security practitioner to know that the threat landscape is becoming more complex. The bad actors are growing more sophisticated – and data theft is now increasingly happening through account impersonation – not just malware.

Phishing is also on the rise – with ongoing campaigns like Oktapus compromising more than 10,000 accounts at 130 companies. In fact, 2022 had the highest percentage of mobile phishing encounter rates ever, with an average of more than 30% of personal and enterprise users exposed to these attacks every quarter.

What’s more, government authorities worldwide are advising heightened caution in light of ChatGPT and AI tools’ role in social engineering and other malicious activity.

That’s why this year’s RSA Conference, held for four days last week at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, was such an important opportunity for IT and security leaders to come together and share solutions for simplifying the complexity of this new threat landscape and offer guidance to help stay ahead of threats and mitigate risk to better protect people – and their data.

In fact, this year’s theme was Stronger Together, highlighting the importance of collaboration in cybersecurity.

Here are some of my key takeaways from attending this year’s RSA – and why Stronger Together is a requirement in today’s security landscape:

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