How Pitching Media Is Like Browsing a Dating App

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June 30, 2021

Many of us know all too well the world of online dating, from Tinder to Hinge and all the other dating platforms in between. Some of us have success stories to share about when our time swiping resulted in a happy relationship. Some of us have been cursed with the most awkward first date of our entire lives…and some of us are lucky enough to have experienced both sides of the spectrum. Trust me, I could share a story or two. 

So, you may be wondering, “Why the heck am I reading about swiping right on Tinder on an accredited public relations agency’s blog?” It’s because pitching the media is much more similar to the world of online dating than many realize.

Pitches = Pickup Lines 

Whether it’s  a jaw-dropping pickup line or the perfectly timed “Sup?” to get the ball rolling on a dating app, you have to catch the attention of the person you’re pursuing. Pitching the media is no different than that. Similar to online daters, news editors have PR pros lined up just waiting for that perfect match. That being said, your pitch must stand out among the rest. Rather than forcing the reporter to read to the bottom of your email to feel interested, your introduction must be not only eye-catching but have value as well. 

Getting Ghosted 

Some may say nothing is worse than a text left unread, but a true PR pro knows that an unresponsive editor is worse than a dumb dating prospect. Though the period of ghosting stings like a bee, a follow-up email can help soothe the pain and even result in a great client placement. Follow-up when pitching is essential, but be careful, or you’ll land yourself on the blocked list. 

A few quick tips to make sure your follow-up is effective: 

This means that even if your dating life is on the rocks, it could be time to try “pitching.”

Happy swiping and sending! 

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