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PR was tasked by the SETI Institute (yes – the people searching for extra terrestrials) to help push fundraising.​


PR took inventory of the internal events at SETI and discovered that Jill Tarter (played by Jodie Foster in the movie “Contact”) was retiring – and the organization was hosting its convention, SETIcon. PR leveraged both events, embargoing Jill’s news to break for select top-tier reporters in exchange for their coverage of SETIcon. PR then positioned SETIcon as not only the nexus on understanding ETs but also the host of Jill’s retirement party. ​


All of the top media covered Jill’s departure, from the New York Times to the BBC and CNN. SETIcon was a media and business success, securing coverage from top outlets and a million-dollar donation from a Hollywood director synonymous with aliens but anonymous by request. Bospar would then secure a partnership between SETI and PayPal to produce “PayPal Galactic” with astronaut Buzz Aldrin – PayPal’s greatest media success. ​

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