Making NFTs Accessible for the Common Consumer


This NFT platform needed a creative media angle that would resonate across business and mass media, tech, fintech, art, and crypto press. Our goal was to reach business and tech opinion leaders, consumers, art lovers, digital artists and the crypto world.​


Bospar worked with the team to publicize an NFT vending machine as a retro and counterculture bridge to easy public understanding of NFTs, their accessibility and tangibility—like a vended candy bar or an ATM withdrawal. This creative narrative, complemented by an in-person media tour of the retail storefront, was key to earning attention from target media, artists trying out NFT selling and public buyer-collectors.​


Our media outreach resulted in 882 placements, generating 5.3B impressions.

Tops hits included: AP, Bloomberg, CNN, CoinTelegraph, Digital Journal, Financial Times, Gizmodo, Hypebeast, MSN, New York Business Journal, Reuters, The Guardian, The Street, Time Out New York, Thrillist, USA Today, Yahoo! and ZDNet. Sales from the vending machine skyrocketed over 1,000%. In the first two weeks following the launch, Neon sold more than $17K of NFTs in the vending machine, and the machine sold out 3x. Inbound requests increased by 150%, with 50 artists requesting to have NFTs sold on the vending machine.

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