House of Cats

George Takei Wins Comi-Con with Augmented Realty App


House of Cats came to Bospar with a problem: they wanted to publicize their augmented reality app but weren’t sure how to market it. They had a complicated story with a variety of unknowns, except they had one ace up their sleeve: actor George Takei was willing to tweet about it.​

Bospar recommended they position George Takei as the creator of the app and convinced the star to take the leading role. Leveraging Takei’s popularity, PR adopted a creative and aggressive approach and targeted a wide range of media, including reporters covering technology, apps, politics and celebrity. Principal Curtis Sparrer accompanied Takei on a New York media tour to avoid the media vacuum created by Comic-Con in San Diego. ​

PR secured such an impressive amount of coverage for the app that it shot up to #3 on all paid apps on the App Store. PR Week interviewed Takei and Sparrer to understand how they pulled off a PR coup.

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