Three Steps to a Successful Product Launch

Steps to launch success
March 9, 2017

Steps to launch success When planning a big company or product launch, you’ll have to have more than just smoke and mirrors to get any media play. In order for your million-dollar idea to make a million-dollar splash, you’re going to need:

So says Fam Mirza of Azaan Shoes. I recently spoke to Mirza about his own recent successful product launch. Here was his advice:

  1. Create a great product

In the case of Mirza, the product is shoes.

Through bright patterns, hand-sewn stitching and hundreds of creative, vibrant styles, Azaan Shoes has their target market—millennials—pegged.

Millennials, perhaps more than any generation that came before them, feel a need to be unique, creative and out of the ordinary. Mirza identified that need and set about satisfying it with a beautiful, bright, well-made shoe.

So, step one, give the people something they actually want. It will make the necessary launch PR lift a whole lot lighter.

  1. Get socializing

This is important for any company doing business in the internet age, but it is especially important for companies launching a product to millennials.

Forty-one percent of millennials check Facebook at least once a day (a conservative figure, in my estimation), not to mention other social channels like Twitter and Snapchat.

Taking advantage of this fact, Azaan Shoes created pre-launch buzz by encouraging fans to sign up on their Facebook page and website to capture their information, with the chance to win a pair of shoes.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking you can jump into social networking cold—it takes months to build up a following on social networking platforms, so your social media strategy should begin long before you start getting your official launch strategy in order.

  1. Don’t skimp on the creative

Today’s consumers are used to high-concept, hi-res photos and videos.

Your product might be good, but if your website is poorly designed, your promotional videos amateur and your photos low-res, consumers will know that. And they won’t be impressed.

Azaan Shoes opts for inspirational top-of-the-world imagery: a person looking out across a precipice, over the edge of a mountain, across an expanse of ocean or at a cityscape. The visuals conjure up excitement and adventure.

Investing in good product photography and some high-concept inspirational brand photos may cost upfront, but it will be worth it in the end. After all—it isn’t really a choice. No amount of PR can sell you as a major player in your space if your creative brand collateral doesn’t back up that claim.

This article first appeared in Adweek.

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