Three Reasons Why Tech Companies Should Leverage the Power of Social Media

August 17, 2022

When you think of technology, what comes to mind? Innovation? Disruption? State of the art? These are some ideas. Even with their futuristic approach, many tech companies could use bespoke touchpoints to modernize their approach with customers.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

A brand’s online presence can play a significant role in its business-to-business (B2B) strategy and communication. Research shows that online profiles can greatly influence buyers’ decisions when purchasing new products or services. In turn, these decision-makers often influence how brands portray themselves online. Social media is where 55% of people learn about brands. To top it off, 86% of consumers buying IT products use social media to help them make purchasing decisions.

Leading by Example

No matter what sector your company falls under, it’s essential to stay on top of industry trends and make those insights a part of your social strategy. Whether it be the latest style of tweet or new features on a social platform, take a look at what others are doing and use it as inspiration. What are they posting that creates audience engagement? What types of content resonate for them? What channels are they most active on?

Let’s take a closer look at IBM on LinkedIn. The company takes advantage of LinkedIn’s features by amplifying its people and showcase pages.

For example, a life page helps people understand company culture by highlighting photos and videos, cultural insights, and employee blog posts.

Takeaways for Tech Companies

By developing a social media strategy that leverages PR initiatives such as earned coverage, technology companies can:

Shape conversations in your industry — Today, people are inundated with information and content because the tactic has significantly grown in popularity. Whether the information or the delivery of sharing earned coverage is unique, it must stand out. Consider different media, such as video or animated GIFs. It will pay off in spades if you can make the information valuable and unique while delivering it unexpectedly.

Build brand loyalty — Social media is a place for building and nurturing your relationships with prospects and current customers. Every piece of earned coverage you share helps to validate and tell your story. Through social listening, take the time to analyze what others in your industry are talking about. Work with your PR team to develop more unique (and more valuable) stories than what are currently out there to pitch to journalists. Remember, adding value for your audience is more important than helping yourself.

Attract new prospects and partners — One advantage of a customized social media strategy that leverages the power of earned coverage is that it can bring in new business. As people read about your company’s innovation and technology, they will be more apt to try your product or service themselves.

We recommend integrating social media with other communication methods, such as email, events, public relations, and digital advertising. By adding a two-way communication platform, you can build authentic relationships with your target audience.

So, whether your business is about databases or SaaS is your bread and butter, one thing remains true: Tech companies can take advantage of social media platforms.

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About the author

Mega Jewell is a Vice President of Social Media at Bospar PR. Mega successfully transitioned from television news journalism to entrepreneurship and is now leading Bospar’s social media department. With her background, she knows what it takes to craft compelling stories for a company — internal or public-facing. She is a board member of the Public Relations Society of America – Silicon Valley chapter.



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