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Bospar's Unique Content Management
April 12, 2016

Bospar's Unique Content Management As the Bospar Chief Content Officer, I can’t really be objective about the power of content. I have seen first-hand how it can increase brand recognition and positively influence the buyer’s journey, as well as amplify media relations results.

Many of our clients (and prospective clients) are telling us that 2016 will be the year of market awareness and buzz.

Well, in our opinion, nothing can increase awareness like great content…and the great coverage that can often result.

Here is a recent client example of this. Last month we announced a new client, and its product, in an orchestrated campaign that included a press release. Within 24 hours of wire service distribution, we secured nine pieces of coverage, with an overall UMV (unique monthly visitors) of 26,835,413. Online sign-ups skyrocketed, as did inquiries from potential partners and investors.

That’s buzz.

Increasing Content ROI

Creating great content does require an investment of time and resources. How can you best maximize the return on that investment? The key is the development of “derivative” content. Let me explain.

We recently placed a bylined article on the Huffington Post on behalf of one of our client CEOs. The post was also placed on Medium, on LinkedIn and on the company’s blog. All pieces of content were promoted on the client’s other social channels–illustrating the extended reach, ROI and messaging impact of derivative content.

By the way, these articles are now the basis for an ongoing content series, creating, in effect, a “library” of thought leadership and branding content that is being used successfully as part of a sales enablement and lead nurturing effort.

Enterprises can no longer “merely” develop and market great products. In this shifting era of new media opportunities and direct communication with target audiences, they also have to function as self-publishers. That’s the nature of PR today—it’s all about content and, if created and managed intelligently, its power.

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About the author

Tricia Heinrich is Bospar PR’s Chief Content Officer and a member of the agency’s Leadership Team. She supervises the agency’s unique, award-winning Content Team and has overall responsibility for all client content creation and quality, focusing on blogs, press releases and executive contributed content. Areas of tech specialization include martech, AI and life sciences. Heinrich also creates contributed content for Bospar’s other leaders and supervises and edits the Bospar Blog.



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