The Cool Prof: Dr. Luis Almeida (“Call me Luis.”)

October 20, 2022

We are joined by Professor Luis Almeida today, who says it’s totally fine if we call him “Luis” as his students do. This is the congenial style and collegiate type of banter that Luis has with the future PR and marketing professionals he educates. Now at Claflin University, Luis has enjoyed learning from students of different backgrounds and cultures by teaching at universities around the country. His LinkedIn handle is “The Cool Prof” and that is reflected in the opinions of those he’s had the pleasure of teaching. He discusses his hands-on approach to immersing students in real-life marketing and PR scenarios, finding out what creative media and film endeavors they are involved with, and generally figuring out how he can provide guidance. Luis talks to our host about many topics relating to being a “cool professor” in the PR and marketing space. From the escalating expense of tuition to tapping into different talents of students and teaching to the individual, Luis helps our audience understand how enriching this type of education can be for future communications professionals today.

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