Why Content Creators Also Should Be Voracious Content Consumers

My employer provides every Bospar employee with a generous annual stipend to apply to professional development resources. A few months ago, I spent part of mine on MasterClass.

For the uninitiated, MasterClass is a subscription-based service that delivers on-demand classes taught by experts in acting, cuisine, entertainment, sports, writing, and a variety of other disciplines.

Visit the website, and you may be lured in by presentations from such MasterClass instructors as basketball great Stephen Curry, musician Alicia Keys and actress Natalie Portman.

Personally, I joined MasterClass to hear what writer David Sedaris had to say. He always makes me smile. But it was author Malcolm Gladwell’s MasterClass that really captivated me.

I was so excited about the Gladwell presentation that I shared my experience with colleagues. Now a couple of my content team co-workers have signed on for this subscription service, too.

This blog is not a paid advertisement for MasterClass, I assure you. My point is that professionals (even folks who spend long days and occasional weekends creating content) are hungry for content delivered by experts who are willing to share their personal and professional experiences, explain what they have learned from them, and help others learn from them, too.

In watching these classes, it struck me that despite the different instructors, settings and subject matter, every MasterClass speaks directly to subscribers, offering advice. This is the same format that we use in collaborating with Bospar clients to create contributed articles.

As business professionals, we all lead busy lives, working to balance work and home life in a world in which the line between the two continues to blur. So, we typically only have the time and the inclination to read and watch content that is the most valuable and engaging for us.

Personally, I am inspired when I watch videos presented by leading lights such as Gladwell and read books by people such as Salesforce founder and co-CEO Marc Benioff (“Trailblazer”); business journalist Gillian Tett (“Anthro-Vision: A New Way to See in Business and Life”); and Michael Lewis, the bestselling author who wrote about the debt crisis in “Boomerang,” the way markets value people in “Moneyball,” and the workings of the human mind in “The Undoing Project.” And I’m grateful to have the opportunity to connect with Bospar clients to listen and learn about their unique experiences and collaborate with them to share their valuable stories.

This curiosity and desire to learn through listening and reading better positions the curious folks on Bospar’s dedicated team of content creators to serve our clients.

It informs the questions that we ask of our clients to uncover their most compelling stories and advice; helps our clients and us to understand what other thought leaders are talking about; and enables our clients to provide readers with the most useful and engaging content.