A 2020 Report Card

It has been an unprecedented year in many ways. Needless to say! While Bospar certainly faced many unexpected challenges, we also found many opportunities for innovation and accomplishment. As a result, we’re growing…and hiring.

A Virtual Agency From Day One

While all-virtual workplaces have been shoved into the limelight with the advent of the global coronavirus pandemic, Bospar began as a virtual agency almost six years ago. Back then, we were told that it was impossible to grow a firm of any size using a virtual model.

With six years of experience in our rearview mirror, we proved the skeptics wrong.   

From the start, we gave careful thought to what “virtual” really means and have reimagined what it means to be a virtual agency.

“The soul of a virtual firm” is how we describe Bospar. Our “virtual soul” enables 30+ people in at least 15 different locations to serve global clients while interacting seamlessly across all managerial levels – which is precisely why Bospar didn’t miss a beat when the pandemic lockdown came.

Building a Culture

We’re leaders because we innovate around culture. Specific examples include:

Rewards and Recognition

Bospar also celebrates agency and individual accomplishments in a variety of ways. Each month includes a “celebrations” meeting that highlights new personnel, promotions, new business success, anniversaries, and agency awards. In addition, we focus on personal successes of our employees, from beautiful gardens to running marathons. The point is to validate the out-of-office activities of our team, further making Bospar an employer of choice.

Bospar also fetes our account teams with a specific award for the best account team of the month. Client successes are noted, and co-workers select the most deserving team. The winning work is shown off, and the team of the month receives gift cards.

Retention Starts With Great Work

Central to Bospar’s low turnover is the self-evident pride that we take in representing our clients. Our care and passion come out in the work, and that leads to outstanding results. Our virtual team can jump quickly on breaking news in any time zone and delivers prompt service to clients exactly when and where they need it.

As we look forward to 2021, we remain committed to tackling with tenacity and creativity the new surprises that await. Wouldn’t you like to be a member of a team that is poised for limitless growth?