She DOES Do It All, With 5 Gym Memberships, AND 8 Hours Of Sleep

March 22, 2022

Vanessa Yanez joins the show this week. An accomplished communications leader whose experience in the industry and passion for social justice and women’s issues has likely made her the most tireless PR professional historically, she’s also a mom of teen daughters. Yanez is president of PRSA Silicon Valley and was named a 2021 Woman of Influence Honoree. She also oversees content for the Silicon Valley Business Journal. Yanez says she is at her best when providing real business value based on a unique perspective grounded in agency, corporate, and start-up experience. Her award-winning marketing and communications expertise fuels her passion for supporting businesses with corporate communications initiatives, global project rollouts and a variety of mutually beneficial partnerships. In addition to all she’s able to accomplish in a single business day, she somehow gets 8 hours of sleep each night! Plus, she’s up and productive by 6 am and exercises daily.  In this episode, she cops to having owned 5 gym memberships at one point during the pandemic. “How does she do it all?” has become a cliched query in 2022 – Just ask Yanez! She’ll shoot that question down quickly for you.

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