PR 2.0

PR 2.0 at Bospar
April 7, 2020
PR 2.0 at Bospar

Everything has changed due to COVID-19. This includes Bospar’s livelihood – PR. In fact, we’ve quickly reached a place where PR 1.0 and PR 2.0 can be cleanly delineated. 

PR 1.0PR 2.0
Fully staffed, open floor plan offices100% remote work (i.e, the Bospar model)
Pitching bylines with a variety of topicsPitching bylines with a COVID-19 angle 
Can I get you the press release in a week?How does tomorrow sound?
Competence is goodAward-winning expertise is required
Lots of companies clamoring for PRSelect forward-thinking companies inquiring
“I’m going out to dinner after work”“Dinner? Like, an activity that’s not work?”
Piling around a conference tableClearing a laundry pile before a Zoom call 
Business travelWalking around your block
Job titles that mapped to specific rolesTitles be damned — what needs to get done?
Working hard and going 100 mphMaxing out capacity, and speedometer broke
Media relationships are importantMedia relationships are GOLD
Media are challenging to get ahold ofMedia are next to impossible to get ahold of
Complacency with happy clientsWhat stone have we not turned over today?
Dry cleaned clothes for in-person pitchesIroning a shirt two minutes before Zooming
High employee turnoverWhat’s employee turnover?
Exacting clientsOnly-the-impossible-will-do clients
Lots of small, annoying problemsCOVID-19
Responding to clients quicklyResponding to clients immediately
Talent converged in major cities onlyTalent is talent, wherever they are
Experienced and priceless client counselExperienced and priceless client counsel

In the emerging new world of business and communications, public relations has never been more critical. But best practices are evolving rapidly. The good news for our clients is that, in the PR 2.0 era, they are getting high-quality support and counsel faster than ever, at a time when they most need it.

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