Peter Capuciati: Bringing Sexy Back to HVAC

June 2, 2022

Did you watch the Black Mirror episode “Smithereens” starring Topher Grace? In the Netflix special, Topher’s Jack Dorsey-like character is so focused on meditation and seeking life purpose that he’s fled his tech company for the wilderness, neglecting the chaos wrought by technology and social media.

Well, today’s guest isn’t Topher and no, it’s not Jack, but it’s someone we find to be interesting and much more reliable (than what Netflix led us to believe about the former Twitter head). Our guest found a way to blend tech with life purpose, making a positive impact across industries. Peter Capuciati, CEO and founder of Bluon, is bringing sexy back to the world of HVAC.

He’s one of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet and worthy of his own Black Mirror doppelganger. The trained physicist went on to become a real estate success, thriving in that industry by his late 20s! Then? Well, just like Topher in the wilderness, he decided to meditate. And instead of passing on the torch of industry success to the likes of an eccentric Tesla inventor, he took his scientific knowledge and applied it to a solution that now helps countless businesses after developing a refrigerant suited for $2 trillion of equipment.

From science guy to real estate hotshot to…”HVAC Hero”, Peter ensures that Bluon offers tools, training, and support to technicians in the field and cuts out obstacles businesses would otherwise face. You’ll be enthralled by his eclectic and unexpected journey, how he made a necessity feel like a luxury, and how his company easily connects HVAC technicians with parts, resources and local distributors. Tune in to hear more from this fascinating entrepreneur who is so focused on impacting positive change in the world that he didn’t stay on that freaking mountain! (No shade, Topher – er, Jack. But come on; after you meditate, you must activate!)

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