How to Maximize Use of Year-End Predictions

Predictions at Bospar
November 22, 2016


As we wrap up 2016, one the most popular PR and marketing initiatives is the development of industry predictions. Most PR professionals work with their clients to identify end-of-the-year wrap-up stories and predictions for the coming year. Similarly, marketers are often interested in leveraging predictions for content marketing, thought leadership, branding and demand generation.

Here’s a list of ways marketers and PR pros can get the most bang for their predictions buck.

Get Your Predictions in Order

Have an intake session with your clients and talk through the most important conversation topics and emerging trends within their industry.

The best predictions take a big-picture view and shouldn’t be limited to the company’s products and markets. Think macro trends, both in a given industry and in the business world overall. Editors want predictions that are interesting, headline-worthy, unique and somewhat surprising. So, take a risk! Don’t be afraid to suggest that your clients be bold and provocative.

And, keep in mind that one of the hardest feats will be differentiating your clients’ predictions from everyone else’s, so be sure to send off your pitches with a catchy email subject line.

Package Them Up

Package up your predictions for a thought leadership piece for a key industry trade publication; insightful predictions position both the company and its senior executives as visionaries and thought leaders. Bonus: many industry trades are hungry for unique content from C-level executives.

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose

Suggest that the marketing team repurpose predictions-focused content for a company blog post providing a preview of key developments expected in the new year.

In addition, include predictions in company email marketing campaigns and newsletters – there’s nothing better than repurposing content to maximize content ROI.

Timing Is Everything

With Thanksgiving and Christmas taking up media mindshare in November and December, timing is key. Pitch reporters right after Thanksgiving and before Christmas to cut through the holiday noise.

Further Maximize on Social Media

Of course, don’t forget to share all forms of content on your company’s social channels to maximize reach and engagement.

Be sure to keep these tips top of mind when providing counsel to your clients over the next few weeks, and good luck!

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