Karen Cage, KLD Consulting: strategic partnerships that make both parties happy

November 17, 2022

In this episode, we are joined by Karen Cage, the strategic marketing and partnership mastermind behind KLD Consulting. Karen focuses on helping organizations implement partnership strategies in a way that brings reciprocal value to them. She hails from Hewlett Packard where she served as the global lead in strategic brand partnerships, and she recently connected with our host when assisting Bospar Public Relations as the firm prepared to attend the Cannes Lions Festival in May. Karen explains to us what the world of strategic marketing partnerships entails and the difference between strategic partnerships and branding packages. Her day to day involves reputational partnership development and strategy, matching organizations with common values and complementary activities, and creating opportunities for organizations to share their stories and inspire other organizations. What exactly are reputational partnerships? And why are they so important in business? Tune in to be enlightened by today’s guest.

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