It’s a matter of trust with Zack Butcher of Tetrate

August 18, 2022

Today’s guest is Zack Butcher, the first engineer to work at Tetrate, a cybersecurity solutions company that employs service mesh to guarantee layered security solutions for every user in a network, ensuring they are individually authenticated and authorized for all activities within that network. With his Alabam roots making him the most friendly person to describe cybersecurity, you can’t help but get captivated as his tech talk is combined with Southern congeniality. Zack hails from Google and prior to that was an intern at Colonial Pipeline – yes, that one! He never envisioned back then that one day he would be working closely with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop the language and protocols around “Zero Trust” – that the Colonial Pipeline attack necessitated. He talks about how Tetrate works with customers in defense, financial tech and healthcare, all highly regulated industries where Zero Trust cybersecurity is paramount. What does Zero Trust mean? Zack explains that it is not about “not trusting.” Rather, it’s about elevating trust, and he goes into detail about what that entails. Companies like VISA and Freddie Mac trust Tetrate and the people behind it – like Zack – who are working with NIST to standardize a framework of cybersecurity practices. Find out more about what Tetrate does in today’s episode.

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