Is your comfort zone a barrier to awards success?

December 6, 2022

Sometimes the key to getting attention is to step outside your comfort zone.

That’s what we often encourage our clients to do when aiming for media coverage and award wins. It’s a way to shine as a company or organization and prove your value to a whole new set of audiences and potential customers.

It’s also the strategy we encouraged for one of our healthcare clients – IntelyCare. They’re a leading healthcare workforce management platform that empowers healthcare professionals to better work together.

Naturally, when it comes to submitting for awards, IntelyCare is a good fit for healthcare categories. But, thanks to our years of experience in winning awards for ourselves and our clients, our Bospar team knows that sometimes the key to a big award win is to think outside the “natural” fit.

So, we submitted a nomination for IntelyCare to the Software as a Service category of Inc.’s 2022 Best in Business list. As part of the process, we researched the opportunity, presented it to our clients and created the nomination. We recognized that a win could be a powerful positioning tactic.

This list is a huge deal – as it celebrates companies making the biggest impact on their industries, communities, environment, or society as a whole.

And guess what? They were named as a winner among a very competitive applicant pool. This is especially critical for IntelyCare, as they are working to market themselves in the SaaS space.

Here are our best practice recommendations based on what we’ve learned about awards:

The key to awards program success is to keep an open mind about where a company truly excels. If you step outside your comfort zone, you will win more awards, enhancing corporate reputation and the ROI of awards programs.

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