How Neta Rozy’s team invented downtime insurance

March 16, 2022

According to Gartner, end-user spending on cloud computing is set for a 21% hike this year with
total spending set to exceed $480 billion. So it’s no surprise that global companies – like yours
and ours – are becoming increasingly reliant on the cloud. But like any technology, the cloud is
not immune to downtime, so more dependency means that businesses need more ways to
mitigate potential losses including revenue, customers and productivity.
This is exactly the problem that Neta Rozy, alongside her two co-founders, set out to solve when
they built Parametrix, the first-ever insurance company focusing on cloud downtime.
As CTO, Neta tells me why downtime insurance is not the same thing as cyber insurance, what
struggles they faced in getting the company started, and the complexity of the math involved in
determining policy pricing.

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