Birthdays and Birth Days

Birthdays at Bospar
June 29, 2017

Birthdays at Bospar

People who like birthdays like to celebrate even mid-year points. And we like birthdays a lot. So we’re proud to share that Bospar turns 2.5 on July 1. On one hand, that’s a short time. On the other, it’s a lot of work days – and often long ones when you’re as passionate as we are. A quick sweep of reports shows that during that time, we’ve “birthed” more than 7,500 healthy and good-looking placements that have brought new life to client bottom lines.

But the birthings we are most proud of are the ones like Billie, born just six weeks ago and featured here. Billie is our second Bospar Baby. And we have a Bospar Grandbaby as well. Plus other charming kids and grandkids who have entered our family over the last 2.5 years but were not actually “born at Bospar” like these three were.

We’re a great place for working moms and dads, because we all work from home offices – with our largest footprints in the SF Bay and Los Angeles areas but also hailing from the NYC, DC and Chicago areas. This unique configuration lets us give 24×7 TLC to clients and families – all at the same time. Our moms can go to the pediatrician mid-day and finish up a pitch after the kids’ bedtime – it all works great.

Our clients like it, too, because they often are working very early in the morning or late at night – from home – and we’re usually right there when an email comes through. One recently joked to someone that “these Bospar guys never sleep.” Well – we do – usually. Unless there’s a brand-new baby in the house.

And while we’re talking about birthdays – let’s not forget the biggest one of all, the birthday of our country. Happy July 4th from our Bospar family – from the tallest to the shortest.

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