“Be a Big Fish in a Small Pond” with Rob Enderle

Rob Enderle
June 21, 2022

Today’s guest is Rob Enderle, owner of the Enderle Group. He is a tech and business analyst, thought leader, and journalist who was once ranked number 1 for his influence in the U.S. and Europe and named to the top 10 in Asia. Today, analyst rankings are not a thing, which could be the way crypto is headed in the future (Rob has mixed thoughts on the subject and that of NFTs – which you’ll have to tune in to find out!). He discusses the breadth of work and effort required to remain a top-notch tech and business analyst, why he would never want to be a CEO (and the challenges CEOs face), and the roadblocks for smaller companies approaching larger analyst firms. Rob reveals how defying the advice to choose a specialty was the best move for his career and how being a generalist – having focused on personal tech, servers, security storage, e-commerce, etc. – helped him keep up with topical and relevant sectors. He also discusses how important it is for businesses to find the proper analysts and gain and maintain their trust, and cops to the “reality show” he’s watching with both amusement and horror: Elon Musk Gone Wild

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