Anish Srivastava: Making Tech Part of the Solution

February 10, 2022

Anish Srivastava joins Eric on the latest episode of Politely Pushy®. Anish is the Founder and CEO of Telocity, a venture group that believes that thoughtfully designed, technology-based tools can create more accessible and equitable ways of improving the mental health and well-being of young people. Anish talks about why he is passionate about kids’ mental health, and how parents can balance screen time with mental well-being.

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About the author

Eric Chemi is a senior vice president for broadcast strategy at Bospar. His career has spanned the intersection of business, technology and communications. After earning a computer science degree at MIT, he worked as a hedge fund trader for several years. He then transitioned to media roles at Bloomberg and later CNBC, where he was an on-air reporter. He joined Bospar in 2021. At Bospar, Eric helps clients better tell their stories, working with them to craft narratives to secure earned media coverage. He also conducts media training for CEOs, founders and executives. Eric leads clients through crisis communication needs and with major announcements such as going public, M&A, executive transitions and raising new funds. He hosts Bospar’s “Politely Pushy” podcast, interviewing thought leaders in technology, at startups, and from marketing, business, PR, advertising and communications.



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